About us

Here we briefly explain what the TVH group has stood for worldwide since Paul Thermote and Paul Vanhalst founded the company in 1969. TVH Group is a group of companies with a long, rich history, built for and by people. Whatever the size of the group, our focus on customer needs and expectations remains the guiding principle in all our activities. It's the people who make the difference. TVH Equipment is a specialist in used forklifts and aerial work platforms. With our many years of experience and dedication, we want to be and remain our customers' preferred supplier for electrical and thermal transport equipment. Every day our driven team of sales people and mechanics translates your needs into a suitable solution. Service, reliability and quality are the added values of TVH Equipment.

Our strengths, your benefits

Wide range

We always have a wide range of second-hand mobile aerial work platforms, forklift trucks, telehandlers, warehousing equipment and other equipment at your disposal. This range consists of diverse brands, ages and quality standards so that we certainly have the right machine available to meet your request. Don't worry if you can't exactly find what you are looking for. We can possibly help you with machines in our rental fleet, or our purchaser will look for you on the market.

Transparent about our quality – what you see is what you get

To give you a clear overview we have developed our star rating system. This system is applied through all companies in our TVH network. Our professional teams are trained, and their processes are continuously attuned to each other. In this way, we ensure a guaranteed, transparent, and consequent quality labelling worldwide, attached to a correct pricing.
Please note that we find it important to differentiate between a technical and aesthetical rating. The technical rating informs you about the mechanical condition of the machine, while the aesthetical rating explains how the machine looks. A machine fully covered in cement and paint, but in tip top condition can be a very good buy for some customers.



The best of the best of what we have to offer. Technically these machines are in top condition. They have e.g. very low hours, have been underutilized during their lifetime and/or have recently received a thorough refurbishment.
Aesthetically it means that they are free of corrosion, paint drops, cement or other contaminations. They look exceptionally good for their age and/or have recently received a professional repaint job.
Technically these machines are well above average for their age. They have e.g. very low hours, have been underutilized during their lifetime and/or have recently received a partial revision (e.g. new batteries, tyres, …)
Aesthetically it means that they show very limited corrosion (taking the age into account), paint drops, or cement or other contaminations. They look good for their age and/or have received a professional repaint job during their lifetime
A technical 3-star machine is the reference point. These machines have been properly maintained during their lifetime and have endured a normal level of wear and tear over the years. These machines can are in proper working condition and can be immediately used without any concerns.
An aesthetically 3-star machine looks very decent for it’s age. There is limited corrosion and the paint works looks overall okay.
A 2-star machine has some minor issues that need to be revised before it can be used properly. Generally speaking, the machine is somewhat below average considering its age.
With an aesthetically 2-star unit the paint work might shows quite some corrosion or there could be a significant amount of paint, cement or other contaminations on the machine.
A technical 1-star machine is a machine that needs a thorough revision. There are some serious problems with this unit that need to be fixed before it can be used properly and/or safely. Please contact your sales contact person to get more insights into the issues that the machine has. It is in general recommended to have some mechanical knowhow before deciding to buy this unit. For the spare parts you can of course count on our sister company TVH Parts, who are theé reference in spare parts within our industry.
Aesthetically a 1-star machine looks in very bad shape. There is for example severe corrosion, heavy cement damage, or other severe visual defects.

We know your business

As an expert in sales and rental of machines with a fleet of almost 40 000 aerial work platforms, telehandlers, forklift trucks, material handling ...), we know your business inside out. Growing your business comes with challenges. In which products should you invest first? Should you buy or rent? We are a trusted business partner that you can rely on for unbiased advice in helping you make the right call.

We know the way

With over half a century of professional experience in the import and export of machines, we guarantee the perfect logistic and administrative settlement of your order. Our logistic professionals ensure a safe and optimal stowage of the containers, while our professional administrative employees take care of all necessary paperwork for transport, customs ...