Wide range

We always have a wide range of second-hand mobile elevating work platforms, telehandlers, forklifts and other warehousing equipment at your disposal. This range consists of diverse brands, ages and quality standards so that we certainly have the right equipment available to meet your request. Don't worry if you can't exactly find what you are looking for. We can possibly help you with equipment in our rental fleet, or our purchaser will look for you on the market.

Transparent about our quality – what you see is what you get

Our equipment go through a thorough screening before we sell them. In this way we guarantee you that you get value for your money. However, every customer is looking for something else. Therefore, we offer equipment of all quality levels. Most of our equipment are immediately usable and are in excellent condition. Customers who will use the equipment for example on painting- or sandblasting projects, may find the aesthetic aspect of the equipment slightly less important. If you have the necessary technical know-how in-house, you can try and make a good deal by choosing a equipment that still needs some work. We consider each situation and think together with you to offer a custom-made solution.

We also offer this quality guarantee through all companies in our mateco network. Our professional teams are trained and their quality processes are continuously attuned to each other. In this way, we ensure a guaranteed, transparent and consequent quality labelling throughout Europe, attached to a correct price-fixing.

We speak your language

As a specialist in sales and rental of equipment (our company network disposes of a rental fleet of almost 40 000 mobile elevating work platforms, telehandlers, lift trucks ...), we know your business inside out. Our professionals think along what the right investment is for your company and help launch it to unprecedented heights.

Furthermore, we also literally speak your language. Via our network of sales agents, we can assist you in more than 10 languages.

We know the way

With over half a century of professional experience in the import and export of equipment, we guarantee the perfect logistic and administrative settlement of your order. Our logistic professionals ensure a safe and optimal stowage of the containers, while our professional administrative employees take care of all necessary paperwork for transport, customs ...